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How to maintain tarpaulin?
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Would like to know what methods can better protect tarp it? Take a look at our proposal to you, I believe will bring you good help, better extend the life of tarp.

In the use of tarpaulin when the scratches should avoid the fabric, which will lead to decreased water resistance fabric; use after drying out in the packaging, storage. Waterproof tarpaulin is not a fire tarpaulin, just play a waterproof effect, so the use should be noted away from fire, storage should pay attention to fire. In the handling process as far as possible uniform force, to prevent damage to the tarpaulin packaging damage. In the spread of the tarp should be checked before the ground, remove the sharp objects, to prevent tarpaulin scratches.

If you have other better methods, may wish to come out and share with us, better maintenance, the use of tarpaulin.