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Learn about the differences between tarpaulin and nylon canvas
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Then the quality of the tarp from the point of view, it can be divided out of many types, take nylon tarpaulin products, nylon is a chemical products, and nylon production costs are very low, with the cloth canvas, Nylon and canvas each have their own advantages.

Nylon tarpaulin canvas than the canvas, it is relatively cheap, so cheap is a great advantage of nylon, but also in production, nylon also accounts for a lot of advantages. The canvas is not the same, the size of the canvas directly affect the appearance of the fabric, feel, thickness, strength, bending resistance, permeability, wear resistance and thermal properties of physical and mechanical indicators, so the canvas in the production The need for funding to far more than nylon.

In addition, the size of the canvas is also related to the size of the cost of production and production efficiency, but the canvas in terms of quality has an absolute advantage, whether in life, or in the use of time, canvas use of time, But far more than the use of nylon time. And for the characteristics and use of tarp, in some special circumstances, if more open up, then we can make tarpaulin products become more diversified.