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Understand the foundation and methods of tarpaulin cover
- Oct 28, 2016 -

1, Tarpaulin only limited to open car use. Other vehicles and goods loaded with a height above the gondola side wall more than 1m or a gondola ride on the car can not be covered with tarpaulin.

2, the need for reinforcement of the goods must be covered in front of thatch tarpaulin reinforcement reinforcement is completed.

3, the truck T-iron no residue on the old rope head, wire and other waste.

4, Cargo loading height lower than the side wall of the vehicle, it should be firmly placed tarpaulin stent, the height of the stent shall not be less than the height of the top side of the car side of the wall 500 mm, protruding parts of the bracket and tarp should be taken at the anti-wear measures.

5, that cover damage to tarpaulins easy to cover the goods, the tarp and the goods should be taken between the anti-wear or protective measures.

Cover and binding method

1, the front (waist rope outward) vertical cover thatch. Tarp on both sides of the wagon height should be consistent. Manpower Brake Tarpaulin drape cover part of the end of the wall height of 300mm ~ 500mm, the other end of the hanging wall covered part of the height of about 600mm.

2, D-type tarp: a cover for every car thatch tarpaulin. Vehicles shorter, the excess part of the tarp can be folded in the middle of the next two waist rope at the tarp under the folded part of the two waist twist to tie tight.

3,9.1m × 5.5m Tarpaulin: two tarpaulin cover each car, unprovoked rope to the end of thatch in the middle of the vehicle, two tarp overlap to be folded. Fold, the upper tarpaulin to the back of the fold is not less than 1000mm, the lower tarpaulin to suppress the upper tarpaulin (the length of the upper canopy fold length of half), then the upper tarpaulin to the direction of the next tarpaulin folded back half, Part of the direction of the lower tarp and then turn back.