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A Deep Analysis Of The Physical Characteristics Of The Clear Poly Tarps
- Sep 05, 2017 -

    Polyethylene propylene (polyester) fiber composite waterproof membrane is based on the modern waterproof engineering in China Waterproof, the new requirements of anti-seepage materials developed, the selection of polypropylene Non-woven fabrics, polyethylene as the main raw materials by anti-aging agents, the use of High-tech, new technology, a combination of a multi-layer as one of the polymer polyethylene propylene (polyester) fiber composite waterproof membrane.Clear Poly Tarps

    Polyethylene propylene (polyester) fiber waterproofing membrane is composed of different layers of materials, so that product synthesis has been significantly improved, in particular, the product has a separate anti-aging layer, thus greatly improving the service life of the product. Product design life expectancy of more than 50 years. Waterproof layer surface can be directly decorated, decorated (such as sticky tiles, floor tiles, mosaic, water slurry, etc.). In particular, the underground waterproof project, the leveling layer (grass-roots) water content No special requirements, as long as there is no water can be constructed, the health of the yin-yang angle has no special requirements, the arc right angle is OK, and the construction quality is reliable.Clear Poly Tarps

    Polyethylene propylene (polyester) fiber waterproof roll is widely used in various structures of the roof, wall, toilet bath, basement, cold storage, bridges, pools, underground pipelines and other projects waterproof, impervious, moisture-proof, insulation, etc. can also be used for underground pipelines rust, anti-corrosion and metallurgy, chemical pollution prevention, highways, underground tunnels, river seepage prevention, leakage prevention.Clear Poly Tarps

    Waterproof coil products of their own characteristics, both in the cold northeast, northwest application, but also in the hot and humid south of the application. Waterproof Coil Products Technology application area is also wider: roofing, underground, indoor, subway, bearing table, Hole warehouse, storage, reservoir and other projects can be used. Clear Poly Tarps

    With the research and development of the special properties of this kind of products, this kind of material is advancing into the wider application field. For example, through the product to withstand the capacity of alternating load, the composite coil will be used in road and bridge pavement waterproofing works; Through the study of the negative water pressure stripping property of the product, the composite coiled material can be applied in the underground waterproof engineering.Clear Poly Tarps