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Anticorrosion Effect Of Bronze Poly Tarps
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Applicable to a variety of water towers, tanks, tanks, puddles, sluice seepage, leakproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, is the first domestic waterproof and corrosion-resistant amphibious products, tap water, drinking water pool can be used (with non-toxic testing report), after the coating of JS composite waterproof paint long-term immersion in water life of more than 30 years. All kinds of sewage pool waterproof can be used JS composite waterproof paint brushing a cloth three or two cloth five coating, construction convenient, beautiful wear-resisting.Bronze Poly Tarps

Applicable to all kinds of cooling towers, cool water tower waterproof anti-corrosion and can also play the role of antifreeze, the use of temperature can reach -150°c. In the outdoor engineering also supporting the special strength of UV-resistant light of the PHA mask topcoat.Bronze Poly Tarps  Applicable to machinery, electronics, light industry textile, automotive, pharmaceutical, food and other industries large-scale industrial plant floor, metope decoration moistureproof, mildew, anti-corrosion wear-resisting. Suitable for all kinds of wood products moistureproof, mildew, anti-corrosion, decoration. Apply to the cigarette factory, Grain warehouse, the vault of moisture, mildew, waterproof, anti-corrosion. Paint series, in the cement concrete surface brushing, per square meter dosage of 0.4 kg, steel structure surface of about 0.3 kilograms per square meter, important parts can be used one cloth three coating, two cloth five coating (a cloth three besmear per square metre dosage is 1 kilograms, two cloth five besmear is about 1.5 kilograms).Bronze Poly Tarps

Mainly used in mines, tunnels, culverts, underground buildings, drainage dams, pools, toilets and other rapid plugging water leakage, can be made into mortar or concrete for structural anchorage, Equipment Foundation grouting, fixed position, cementing and engineering repair and so on.Bronze Poly Tarps

Anti-root puncture waterproof coiled material of polymer composite sheet is the necessary use of open flame in the construction process of waterproof coiled material which is commonly used in the market. Materials and grass-roots can not be completely bonded and lap joints, such as the lack of adhesion, drum and other defects developed, the product by the isolation film (and linear saturated polyester resin), the first layer of self-adhesive layer, the base (and filament polyester cloth), The second layer of self-adhesive layer, polymer sheet and inner fabric protection layer in turn. Polymer composite sheet products resistant to root puncture product concept novel, energy saving and environmental protection, low-cost.Bronze Poly Tarps