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Basic Method Of Managing Condition Of Tarpaulin
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Tarp management need to carefully, here we take a look at the basic conditions for the management of tarp, so that we better keep tarp.

1, tarpaulin is a railway wagon auxiliary equipment, according to the property is divided into railway tarpaulin and tarpaulin. Own tarp is the shipper from the purchase of their own tarp.

2, tarpaulins only for the covered gondola worn by the damp, flammable goods or other need to cover the tarpaulin goods. Poisons, corrosive substances and contaminants shall not be used in railway tarpaulin. If the cover is liable to damage the goods of the tarp, the loading unit must take protective measures and the protective material shall be provided by the shipper.

3, the shipper in the railway tarpaulin can not meet their needs for the transport of goods, can buy their own tarp. Owned tarpaulin may not rent business.

4, railway tarpaulin may not be borrowed or used for other purposes. Found immediately corrected, according to the provisions of the nuclear tarpaulin extension fee.

5, loading tarpaulin used must be of good quality, tarpaulin rope complete, marking, number clear and complete. Tarpaulin shall not be stretched, mat car, thatch in the car, shall not replace the loading reinforcement material. Railway tarpaulin shall not be mixed with self-tarpaulins. Tarpaulin cover thatch should meet the canopy cover standard requirements.

Vehicles with a cargo height of more than 1 m above the gantry side wall or with escorts shall not be covered with tarpaulins.

6, special railway, rail line transport agreement should include the transfer of the railway tarpaulin, use, custody, back to the extension of the use of fees, damage compensation for loss of content.