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Development Background Of Light Blue Poly Tarps
- Oct 27, 2017 -

At present, people's living standards continue to improve, environmental awareness is also increasing, environmental protection is the human development of modern industry needs to abide by the basic principles of common.Light Blue Poly Tarps 

Foreign waterproof coating is towards the development of emulsion and environmental protection, such as the development of high-performance emulsion polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating, water emulsion polyurethane waterproof coating. But our country's emulsion polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating market share is still very low, emulsion polyurethane waterproof coating production technology is not mature, is still in the laboratory development stage.Light Blue Poly Tarps

The waterproof coating with mature technology in our country is polymer emulsion waterproof coating and polymer cement waterproof coating. With the introduction of foreign goods and the demand of China's waterproof coating market, the cement polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating, water emulsion polyurethane waterproof coating will be further attention and.Light Blue Poly Tarps With the development of science and technology, in the future construction of the bridge, coating and crystalline permeability of inorganic waterproof coating will be more applications, the structure of waterproof concrete and flexible waterproof coatings (such as polyurethane waterproof coating) Combined waterproof technology has been applied in the project. 

For a long time in the humid parts of the structure, the application of elastic coatings will be increased, the variety will be water-based acrylic paint or water-based acrylic-cement composite coating for the bottom coating, low PVC elastic emulsion paint as a surface coating composite coating.Light Blue Poly Tarps

In the future, the development direction of new waterproof coatings in China will be high performance and multi-function coatings. Industrial developed countries have begun to develop multi-purpose waterproof coating direction. For example, the United States and France of aluminum powder emulsion reflective coating and white polyacrylate reflective coating, coating both waterproof function, but also to reflect the sun and ultraviolet rays, reduce the temperature of the building structure and prolong the use of paint. In the future, heavy-duty, insulation, reflective waterproof coating will be appreciated and welcomed.Light Blue Poly Tarps