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Introduction Of The Use Of Orange Poly Tarps
- Sep 15, 2017 -

     Use features: Polymer waterproofing membrane belongs to the polymer waterproof Roll Material series, it is in addition to the full advantages of synthetic polymer coil, its most prominent features, lies in its surface of the network structure, so that it has its own unique use of performance-cement bonding. Because the polymer composite coiled material can be directly bonded by cement, it is not affected by the water content in the course of construction, so long as there is no rainwater. This is not available for other waterproof Poly Tarps

      Because of the roughness and friction coefficient of the polymer composite coil, it can be buried directly in the sand and has sufficient stability. Because polymer composite coiled material can be directly bonded with cement material during solidification, it can be directly designed in the structure of cement material. Through the above to the waterproof polypropylene roll material understanding, you are still questioning it? The thin can be so powerful! Waterproof effect is not to be questioned!orange Poly Tarps

     What is the advantage of using waterproof polypropylene fiber? Needless to say, the above characteristics have been said very clear, waterproof polypropylene roll material is the longest life-long polymer waterproof membrane! But be sure to use the right place! summed up its process: acceptance and cleaning of the grassroots (leveling layer) → preparation of adhesives (with the use of the preparation) → Treatment of complex parts (yin and yang angle, eaves, water, pipe holes, etc.) additional layer → construction waterproof layer paste polypropylene → waterproof layer inspection → protective layer construction Poly Tarps

     Waterproof emphasize where the practice needs to be noted: because waterproof polypropylene inside is a polymer waterproof cloth easy to edge, so add viscose agent must be even more evenly, pipe corners and other surrounding must be affixed to the additional layer package (as far as possible mixing thick cement and glue), for lap joints and the interface must be a bit wider!orange Poly Tarps