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Light Blue Poly Tarps
- Aug 29, 2017 -

              Waterproof coiled material is the first protective film of waterproof engineering, its quality will directly affect the future waterproof effect. Waterproof roll on the market a wide range of brands, today we first introduce the vinyl chloride waterproof membrane good.Light Blue Poly Tarps

              PVC Waterproofing Membrane is what: polyester fiber Reinforced PVC (PVC) Waterproof coil, Polyester fiber Reinforced PVC (PVC) Waterproof coil is a kind of thermoplastic PVC roll material, the coil is made of polyester fiber fabric as reinforcement, through special extrusion coating process, so that both sides of the PVC layer and the middle of the polyester reinforced bar into one and formed polymer membrane. The advanced PVC layer is combined with the reticular structure of polyester fiber fabric, so that the coil has excellent dimensional stability and low thermal expansion coefficient. The long-term performance of the lifting coil directly exposed to the natural environment. Product Specification Model: Width: 2-2.1m, Thickness: 1.2mm-2.0mm, Length: 20m above. Construction method: Hot air welding, so as to ensure the effect of the weld.Light Blue Poly Tarps

              Second, PVC waterproof coil Advantages 1, long service life, anti-aging, roofing materials can be used more than 15 years, underground can reach 50 years. 2, the tensile strength is high, the elongation rate is high, the mat treatment change is small. 3, low temperature flexibility, adapt to the change of environmental temperature. 4, good resistance to root permeability, can be planted roof. 5. Good perforation resistance. 6, the construction is convenient, uses the hot air torch welding, the weld seam is firm and reliable, the environment pollution-free. 7, strong resistance to chemical corrosion, applicable to special occasions. 8, with good plasticity, corner detail processing convenient and fast. 9. Convenient maintenance.Light Blue Poly Tarps

             Construction method of polyvinyl chloride waterproof coiled material 1, full paste method: That is, the roll material and base surface of waterproof roll material is used all the way of sticking structure. This method is suitable for the condition that the roof structure is not deformed, the roof area is small and the base surface is relatively dry. The full adhesion method is used to pave and roll material, because there is a thickness of cementing material between the coil and the base house, thus improving the overall waterproof property of the roof, but if the roof is deformed or the grass is damp, the waterproof layer of the coiled material is prone to cracking or bulging. 2, the air paving method: When paving waterproof roll material, the roll material and the base layer only in the periphery certain width to bond, but the rest part of the construction method which does not bond is called the empty paving method. Paving, should be in the eaves, roof and roof of the corner of the roof to highlight the junction, roll material and base for the full coating cementing material, its bond width must not be less than 800MM. Because of the empty paving method can make the roll material and the grass-roots between the mutually bonded, the method of reducing the use of point-like bonding at the grass-roots level is called sticky hair, requiring not less than 5 points per square metre, each point area is 100mmx100mm: and the waterproof layer around a certain range (not less than 800MM), but also with the grass-roots firm.Light Blue Poly Tarps