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Material Properties Of Bronze Poly Tarps
- Sep 05, 2017 -

    Polymer Polyethylene Polypropylene cloth waterproof roll material using polyethylene, High-strength polypropylene non-woven fabric, ultraviolet light agent, anti-aging agent, such as polymer raw materials, automatic production line of disposable extrusion molding processing made. Coiled material interlayer is waterproof layer and anti-aging layer, the upper and lower sides are reinforced bonding layer, solid, reliable, no edge, no air drum, double waterproof, is a new type of waterproof material.Bronze Poly Tarps

    Polymer polyethylene Polypropylene cloth waterproof coil product characteristics and uses: High tensile strength, elongation, and the adaptability of the basic scale or cracking deformation. Good water vapor diffusion, left at the base of moisture is easy to discharge. Resistant to root puncture, anti-aging, long service life (up to 25 years, underground up to 50 years) can be used for a variety of construction sites of polymer polyethylene polypropylene cloth waterproof membrane Use: This product is applicable to all roofing, basements, culverts, tunnels, kitchens, toilets and other buildings waterproof seepage prevention works, especially for durability, Corrosion resistance requires high and easy variability in key projects.Bronze Poly Tarps

   The core layer (main water layer) uses linear low-density polyethylene or its blending modified materials to add anti-aging agents, stabilizers, with the aid of adhesive, the surface enhancement layer is made of spunbonded polypropylene filament (or polyester filament) Non-woven fabric, the core layer and the surface reinforced layer adopt the hot melt direct pressure process compound molding, supplemented by high-speed mixing, hot melt, homogeneous, extrusion, flattening, Rapid cooling, plastic and other processes completed. It belongs to synthetic polymer waterproofing membrane.Bronze Poly Tarps

    Coiled material has excellent resistance to high and low temperature performance, puncture resistance, resistance to Luo, tearing, excellent elongation, high resistance to basic crack capacity; affinity, high plasticity, adhesion and compatibility make coiled material suitable for various environments. But the resistance to root puncture performance is poor. Strong impermeability, high tensile strength, good low-temperature flexibility, large friction coefficient (surface roughness), non-toxic, resistant to root puncture, high temperature resistance, aging resistance and poor stability.Bronze Poly Tarps

    The main use of cement adhesive tape joints. Joint adhesive resistance to water is generally poor (all adhesive strength after soaking in a different degree of reduction), bonding lap joint long-term immersion in the waters prone to cracking, leakage, can not be synchronized with the roll material aging. And in the seam construction requires a high level of construction operation, whether the construction can fully bond compaction is the key to the success or failure of waterproofing.Bronze Poly Tarps