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Silver Poly Tarps
- Jul 10, 2017 -

               Chlorinated polyethylene waterproofing membrane is based on chlorinated polyethylene resin as the main body, mixed with appropriate chemical additives and a certain amount of filler material, through the ingredients, dense, plastic, calendering, testing, volume, packaging and other processes made of waterproof materials. Chlorinated polyethylene resin containing chlorine content in crops, is a plastic and elastic materials, known as "new rubber."

               Chlorinated polyethylene Waterproofing membrane non-polluting, anti-aging performance, high strength, corrosion resistance, product main technical performance indicators have reached the domestic advanced level of similar products. Colorful, with waterproof, decorative multiple functions, but also play a certain role in insulation. It is suitable for waterproofing of all kinds of buildings, waterproof of various underground works. The coiled material itself belongs to the easy sticky material, and the bonding effect is good, which effectively guarantees the whole effect of the coiled material cold-sticking construction.Silver Poly Tarps

               Polyethylene Polypropylene composite waterproof membrane is based on raw polyethylene synthetic polymer materials to add anti-aging agents, stabilizers, adhesives and other high-strength polypropylene polyester filament non-woven fabric, through the automated production line a times a new waterproof membrane.

Waterproof roll Material performance characteristics: Polyethylene polypropylene composite waterproof roll material up and down surface roughness, non-woven fabric with irregular cross structure, forming a three-dimensional mesh, can be used in the environment only -40℃~-60℃ range of long-term stable use, suitable for a variety of materials bonding, especially with cement materials in the solidification process directly bonded, as long as no rainwater can be constructed, its comprehensive performance is good, high tensile strength. Strong impermeability, low temperature flexibility, small expansion coefficient, easy adhesion, small friction coefficient, can be directly located in sand use, stable and reliable performance, is a non-toxic, non-polluting green products.Silver Poly Tarps

              Waterproof Roll Material Application field: This kind of waterproofing membrane applies to the roofing of industrial and civil buildings waterproof, ground waterproof, moisture-proof insulation, indoor wall ground moisture-proof, toilet waterproofing, water conservancy pool, channels, bridges and culverts waterproof, impervious, metallurgical chemical pollution prevention and other waterproof.Silver Poly Tarps