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Silver Poly Tarps
- Aug 29, 2017 -

              Italy the 1990s advanced coating production line and technology, developed a new high-performance PVC waterproof cloth. The product has a lightweight high-strength, stable structure, bright and durable color, surface self-cleaning strong, anti-aging, long service life and so on, is the production of large and medium-sized flexible canopy and lightweight high-strength canopy cover membrane structure of the ideal material, but also a new type of waterproof awning cover materials. This type of products in China's use of a large, broad market prospects, widely used in train, ship, warehouse cover, military civilian tents, shading facilities, advertising light boxes, inflatable entertainment facilities, water products, membrane construction and other fields.Silver Poly Tarps

              Precautions for construction of PVC waterproof coiled material: first, 1. The thickness of the material above 2mm is not able to adhere to the concave-convex base surface, especially to the angle of yin and yang, corner and special-shaped parts more difficult to deal with. Some units put forward hot melt method, if the plane straight seam can be hot-melt welding, but the special part of the welding is difficult to operate, this material is different from the fire can be constructed SBS modified asphalt roll.Silver Poly Tarps

              This thickness of polyethylene polypropylene Waterproof roll material flexibility in the production process can be resolved, such as the use of ethylene-vinyl acetate can be very good to solve the hard problem of coil, but because of the high cost, the market price of the coil is lower, so no one is willing to increase this cost. The author thinks, in the construction application of polyethylene polypropylene fiber waterproof roll material, the reason that affects waterproof construction quality is many, however, the treatment of the corners and special parts is the most important, if the market on the conventional 1.2mm above this thickness of the coil to construction, the use of polyethylene alcohol adhesives or polymer adhesives, on the corners and special-shaped parts of the bonding who can do nothing. Therefore, the thickness of the coil is important, but the increase in thickness due to the corresponding problems can not be ignored.Silver Poly Tarps