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Silver Poly Tarps Cloth Fabric Contact
- Oct 18, 2017 -

High-quality feels very soft, although the feeling of the general thickness, but in fact the thickness has been hit requirements, feel very soft feel, do not feel rough. Poor feel very thick and hard, softness is very poor. High-quality waterproof cloth with vertical production, the requirements of raw materials, raw materials must be a certain degree of purity. Often vertical production of PVC waterproof canvas to be slightly expensive, waterproof canvas products are also high purity. Poor use of horizontal machine mechanical production, raw materials on the production requirements than the vertical machine to be low, horizontal machine production can be what kind of compound can put up to suppress.Silver Poly Tarps

Waterproof canvas production process Waterproof canvas production technology there are two, one is the horizontal machine machinery production, is the kind of heavy-duty large cylinder, put the sheet into the material and then put out on the leather belt, through the heavy cylindrical bottom Press the flattened, and then pull the dryer drying, and then trimming, sub-circle, packaging. One is the vertical machine machinery production, the cloth straight into the raw material box pulled out, on the sheet of adhesive material is high purity PVC material, and then both sides have been straightened through the knife with a knife, with a knife scraping After drying machine drying, trimming, sub-circle, packaging.Silver Poly Tarps

Waterproof cloth and other materials compared to the fabric, with waterproof, breathable, breathable, insulation, wind, warm and so on. From the production process, waterproof and breathable fabric technical requirements than the general high-quality waterproof fabric; at the same time from the quality point of view, waterproof breathable fabric also has other waterproof fabric does not have the functional characteristics. Waterproof breathable fabric in the strengthening of fabric airtight, watertight at the same time, its unique permeability performance, the structure of the internal water vapor can quickly discharge, to avoid the structure of the mold, and to maintain the body is always dry, perfect solution to the breathable and windproof, Warm and other issues.Silver Poly Tarps