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The Technical Parameters Of Light Blue Poly Tarps
- Jul 03, 2017 -

    Platinum "High performance elastomer modified bitumen waterproofing membrane:" Platinum "high performance elastomer modified asphalt waterproof Roll material characteristics: Super strong adhesion, higher than the standard 66%; more excellent low-temperature flexibility, than the standard requirements of more than 25% of the allowance, the construction speed is faster, more oil, more excellent, can withstand 0.6MPa water pressure, higher than GB 100%, the material service life is long, exposed use 20 years, not exposed to use 70 years. Applicable scope: Waterproof of all kinds of civil construction roofing works, waterproof and damp-proof of civil construction underground works, waterproof of indoor swimming pool, fire pool, water conservancy facilities such as canals and pools.Light Blue Poly Tarps
    Technical parameters. Base: Polyurethane felt (py surface isolation Material: Polyethylene film (PE) under the surface insulation material: Polyethylene film (PE). Construction method: Hot Melt method. Product Specification: Width 1 meters, length 10 meters, thickness 4 mm. A new type of reinforced bitumen waterproofing membrane. The characteristics of the new-generation reinforced bitumen waterproofing membrane: strong permeability, high tensile strength and good dimensional stability. It has strong adaptability to the shrinkage deformation and cracking in the base, and is suitable for building waterproof with high temperature environment, durable puncture, crack resistance, tear resistance, corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, good weathering resistance, convenient construction, hot melt method for four seasons can operate, seam reliable. Applicable scope: Suitable for industrial and civil construction roof, underground waterproof and moisture-proof and bridges, parking, swimming pools, tunnels and other buildings waterproof, especially suitable for high-temperature or strong solar radiation areas of building waterproof; can be used for the first level of special importance of civil construction and waterproof has special requirements for industrial buildings.Light Blue Poly Tarps
    Technical Parameters: Specifications: Width 1 meters, length 10 meters, thickness 3 mm. Base: Polyurethane felt (py), surface isolation Material: Polyethylene film (PE), lower surface insulation material: Polyethylene film (PE), construction method: Hot Melt method. PMB-741 elastomer (SBS) modified bitumen waterproofing membrane. Elastomer (SBS) modified bitumen waterproofing membrane with styrene-butadiene ene-styrene (SBS) thermoplastic elastomer-Modified bitumen for impregnation and coating materials, with polyester felt, fiberglass felt and glass fiber reinforced polyester felt as the base, on the surface covered with polyethylene film, fine sand or mineral sheet materials such as insulating material made of a curled sheet waterproof material.Light Blue Poly Tarps