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The Use Of Clear Poly Tarps
- Jul 10, 2017 -

               Waterproof canvas-The use of canvas to do the pig farm shed curtains, just at first left the company heard really feel very function, not surprisingly canvas also has this use Oh, but also with the farm pull related, it seems that the use of canvas is really ordinary ah, look at the white canvas. I thought the canvas was used to make car tarpaulin. There are a lot of great directors for a barn curtain made of canvas.Clear Poly Tarps

                Pig-farm roll curtain is made of PVC coated canvas! Simple, durable! Life to 8-10 years, windproof waterproof! is the first choice of the major pig farms. This product has waterproof, mildew-proof, hardy, anti-aging, anti-static and other functions; and the breaking strength, tearing elongation, tearing strength is much better than conservative tarpaulin; the appearance of holding up a very good non-slip role, is the aquaculture industry general waterproof cloth, can be in accordance with customer long and wide custom-made, and the breadth of large, processing products can reduce the quality of quilting, can be used hot seal stitching, eliminating the sewing pinhole leakage worry And can be customized according to user needs different effects, different colors, different thickness of products. Product characteristics and functional Objectives 1. Tensile strength Objective: The intensity of ≥2100n/5cm zonal strength ≥1600n/5cm2. No leakage of water, resistance to hydraulic pressure value of ≥2000mm 3. High temperature, cold temperature for the -20℃4.Clear Poly Tarps

               Effective extension of the canvas use cycle: 1, please try to stay away from corrosive items. 2, after the use of canvas, you can properly clean the tarp above the booty. 3, after the use of canvas, stored in the local environment can choose a more cool room. 4. Canvas try not to be pressed by heavy weight, can be placed in the corner of the warehouse.

               Mastering the above-mentioned method of canvas maintenance and storage is very helpful to the use of canvas in the future. "Extension" canvas when the use of common problems encountered and treatment methods: 1, this product in the use of the process should be designed to avoid and sharp metal friction collision 2, the product in the use of local damage, such as: and metal, hard material friction collision, can be used to repair 3, PVC coated cloth to cover the goods, should pay attention to reserve the vent, too much seal will cause water vapor damage Cargo 4, Canvas service life is limited, the use of long surface layer aging, there will be water seepage phenomenon, If necessary, buy new canvas to avoid affecting the quality of the goods.Clear Poly Tarps