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The Use Of White PE Tarpaulin Rolls
- Jun 19, 2017 -

   Car tarpaulin several conventional use methods and practices: 1. ordinary waterproof tarpaulin: This tarpaulin is usually rectangular, color optional, size size according to the main requirements of the truck manufacturers. Use is mainly waterproof, sunscreen; 2. military tarpaulin: waterproof sunscreen, the color is generally military green, thicker thick. Military green general military vehicles use more, shape and size arbitrary; 3. car dust cover: generally thin coat, waterproof performance in general, requiring light, strong weather resistance; 4. Functional car tarpaulin: car side curtain Tarpaulins, car dust cover, etc., these tarpaulin complex structure, a lot of custom requirements, usually with the use of trucks to achieve some special effects;White PE Tarpaulin Rolls

    In order to do more professional car tarpaulin, our technology research and development department of innovation, logistics companies, car factories and other customers to solve a lot of design problems. At present, constantly upgrading products, new products continue to mature in practice. After more than 20 years of tarpaulin production precipitation, we have developed into a car tarpaulin raw material suppliers, car tarpaulins manufacturers, all kinds of tarp foundry base, railway tarpaulin related technical standards development enterprises.White PE Tarpaulin Rolls

    Tent tarpaulin development today, mainly through the use of coating technology to achieve the waterproof effect, mainly in the fabric surface evenly coated with a layer of film can form a polymer compound, because it can give the fabric a variety of functions, but also Giving the fabric a unique style feel and appearance, and can greatly improve the added value of the product, the effect is difficult to achieve the general dyeing and finishing. At present, the fabric is the largest consumption of fabric in the industry. (PU), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), silicone, synthetic rubber, as well as fluorine-containing, polyamide, poly Ethylene, polypropylene and protein White PE Tarpaulin Rolls