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Waterproof Characteristics Of Light Blue Poly Tarps
- Sep 26, 2017 -

      The effect of waterproof and water repellency on the fastness of printing. In people's real life, the waterproof and water resistance of the fabric is usually confused. In fact, in dyeing and finishing technology, the two are both linked and differentiated two different concepts.Light Blue Poly Tarps

      The so-called water repellency is not to touch the meaning, such as water in the lotus leaf, you can form a rolling beads, which indicates that the lotus leaf has a strong waterproof property. If the nylon do the waterproof finishing, it will have like the lotus leaf of the waterproof nature. The so-called waterproof is impervious to water, such as one-sided gelatinize nylon poncho, torrential rain can not be permeable.Light Blue Poly Tarps

      If the nylon both waterproof processing, and water repellent finishing, you can get water, waterproof, windproof, warm multi-functional products. Usually, waterproof nylon printing, is not printed on the gelatinize side, but on the uncoated side. Therefore, the waterproof effect on the printing fastness is little or no effect, is water repellency affect the printing slurry on the fiber surface adhesion. The greater the waterproof, the greater the impact. In dyeing and finishing process, the often used fabric waterproof finishing Agent Silicone compound, is also used to process the film transfer printing paper stripping agent.Light Blue Poly Tarps

     It is conceivable that the printing of nylon or polyester cloth of the waterproof, how to give it the fastness of printing caused by how much difficulty. In the nylon printing, due to the variety of nylon, they are in dyeing and finishing, some only made waterproof, some only made water repellent, some waterproof and water-repellent, some neither waterproof nor water repellent. Therefore, before printing, we need to carry out the actual identification, in order to discriminate, according to the strength of the fabric waterproof, to determine the printing slurry and technological conditions of choice.Light Blue Poly Tarps

    The relationship between nylon fiber properties and printing fastness. Unlike natural fibres, nylon or polyester fibers are synthetic fibres, which are characterized by a very tight molecular structure, small or even completely absorbent, and a smooth surface of the fiber. Therefore, the pigment printing slurry can not penetrate into the interior of the fiber, but only adhesion to the fabric of the fiber surface. Light Blue Poly Tarps

   Its fastness depends entirely on the adhesion of the adhesive (resin) to the surface of the fiber and the mechanical properties of the resin film itself. Therefore, the printing fastness of nylon or polyester fabric is far from the natural fiber.Light Blue Poly Tarps