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Waterproof Interpretation Of Light Blue Poly Tarps
- Jun 19, 2017 -

   Waterproof breathable fabric of the main functions are: waterproof, moisture, breathable, insulation, wind, warm. From the production process, waterproof and breathable fabric technical requirements than the general high-quality waterproof fabric; at the same time from the quality point of view, waterproof breathable fabric also has other waterproof fabric does not have the functional characteristics. Waterproof breathable fabric in the enhanced air tightness of the fabric, watertight at the same time, its unique permeability of the steam within the structure can quickly discharge, to avoid the structure of the mold, and keep the body is always dry, perfect solution to the ventilation and wind, Warm and other issues, is a healthy and environmentally friendly new fabrics. The real waterproof fabric in a long time in a humid climate and environment can withstand the water pressure, no water seepage. Such as a long time in the storms of the outdoor walk, kneeling or sitting on the wet ground, will not seepage.Light Blue Poly Tarps  In the state of water vapor, the water particles are very small, according to the principle of capillary movement, can smoothly penetrate the capillary to the other side, resulting in the phenomenon of vapor. When the water vapor condensed into water droplets, the particles become larger, due to the role of the surface tension of water droplets (water molecules between each other "pull contend"), water molecules can not smoothly from the water droplets penetrate to the other side, that is, to prevent the Water penetration occurs, so that the membrane has a waterproof function.   Since the solid surface tension is almost impossible to measure, in order to understand the wettability of the solid surface, it was measured his critical surface tension. Although the critical surface tension can not directly represent the surface tension of the solid, but that the size of Ys-YLS, but it can explain the solid surface is wetting difficult. It should be noted, however, that the determination of critical surface tension is an empirical method and the range of measurements is very narrow.Light Blue Poly Tarps

As can be seen from Table 10-1, in addition to cellulose, the critical surface tension of other substances are taxed surface tension is small, so they have a certain degree of water repellency, one of the largest CF3, a CH a minimum. Obviously, with a larger contact with the delivery of smaller critical surface tension of the material with who finishing agent, can get a better water repellent effect.Light Blue Poly Tarps