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Waterproof Principle Of Light Blue Poly Tarps
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Waterproof coating is a certain degree of waterproof capacity of the structure of the surface layer of a certain thickness of the waterproof coating, often warm gel curing, the formation of a layer of a certain toughness of the waterproof coating waterproof method. According to the situation and the applicable parts of the waterproof base layer, the reinforcing material and the cushioning material can be laid in the waterproof layer so as to improve the waterproofing effect of the coating film and enhance the strength and durability of the waterproof layer.Light Blue Poly Tarps

Coating waterproof because of the waterproof effect is good, the construction is simple and convenient, especially suitable for the surface shape of the complex structure of waterproof construction, which has been widely used. It is not only suitable for the roof of the building waterproof, wall waterproof, but also widely used in underground waterproofing and other works of water. Coating waterproofing works by the primer, waterproof coating, carcass reinforcement materials, insulation materials, protective materials.Light Blue Poly Tarps Primer mainly synthetic resin, synthetic rubber and rubber asphalt (solvent type or emulsion type) and other materials, its role for the brush, spray Xu or wiping the surface of the grass, as the first stage of waterproof construction of the primary treatment materials. Waterproof coatings are mainly polyurethane waterproof coating, acrylic waterproof coating, rubber asphalt waterproof coating, chloroprene rubber waterproof coating, silicone waterproof coating and other waterproof coating and other varieties, its role is to constitute the main material waterproof coating. So that the building table due to isolation from the water, the building plays a waterproof and sealed role, but also play a decorative role of landscaping buildings.Light Blue Poly Tarps

Insulation materials, such as polystyrene board, etc., from the insulation effect of water. Protective materials such as decorative coatings, decorative materials, protective cushioning materials, etc., its role is to protect the waterproof coating from damage and decoration landscaping buildings.Light Blue Poly Tarps